CSA: Week 3

2 Jul



Thursday was our second CSA pick-up day. As I posted previously, in our quest to find the cheapest way to eat well, we are experimenting with the cost effectiveness of a CSA plan versus attending the Farmers Market weekly. Our first box from the CSA lasted us one week to the day, with every last bite of produce being used for a cost of $23.63 that week. In comparison, the trip to the market cost $11 even, and also lasted one week (though it provided a lot less variety). Thus begins the second round.

This week’s CSA box includes:

  • one pint of blueberries
  • one pint of blackberries
  • three tomatoes
  • a quart of pickling cucumbers (8 cucumbers total)
  • five small to medium sized summer squash
  • a pound of snap peas
  • a giant head of red leaf lettuce and
  • two stalks of green garlic with greens attached

The green garlic is new to us, so it will take a bit of research to figure out the best way to exploit it’s farm fresh goodness.

The gluttony for fresh produce that this household is demonstrating speaks volumes about the eating preferences of it’s members. A deli container of fresh salsa has survived nearly five days (unheard of!), and a bag of Trader Joes’ cheese doodles sits in the cupboard unopened. Instead of reaching for our usual quick bites, we’ve been snacking on fruits and veggies. Which leads to the question: if the variety that the CSA and market are providing us were available all the time, would we buy less snacks — thereby saving money at the grocery store even as we spend more at the farms? It’s an interesting idea, and one I think I’ll begin exploring since the freezer contents will be depleted mid-July, making us due for a big grocery store trip.

But back to the CSA: it is now Saturday morning, and already we have eaten our way through all of the blackberries, 2/3 of the blueberries, four pickling cucumbers, one tomato, several leaves of lettuce, one summer squash, and the light green tops of one of the garlic bulbs (delicious raw as part of a crudite platter garnished with sea salt). I expect this week’s crate to stretch a little longer than the previous one, since the holiday weekend will have us eating away from home two days this week.  We shall see.


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